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Obrol is an ad-free, fully-customizable, beautiful commenting platform.

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Why Obrol?

Easy Installation

Install easily on any CMS including WordPress, Blogger, and Ghost using plugins and widgets, or use the manual code to install anywhere.

Lightning Fast

Obrol is designed to be lightweight and super fast. It doesn't affect your website's performance. Lazy loading supported natively.

Fully Customizable

You can change the colors, ui, and texts of the plugin with several clicks in the console's appearance section. See how to customize.

No Ads or Tracking

Obrol does not place ads, afflliate links, or any other tracking code on your website. We are privacy-focused.

Guest Commenting

Your visitors don't need an Obrol account to comment. They can comment as guests. To prevent bot spam, guest commenting is protected with Google Recaptcha.

Email Notifications

Obrol sends you an email instantly when someone comments on your website. Additionally, users receive emails when someone replies or mentions them.

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Bacaan Dikala Senggang


Online Comics, Novels & Anime


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Get Started

Read our documentation for the integrations.


Signup to Obrol and add your website's name and domain to the console.

Copy & Paste

Copy the code given by Obrol and paste it in your website's source code.

Customize & Enjoy

Customize the colors, ui, and texts and enjoy Obrol on your website.

Wanna See Some Customized Pages?

We have created a sample blog page and customized pages. Try them!

Note: Obrol isn't limited to these customizations.
You can customize all the colors, ui, and texts as needed!

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